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Whole sale dealer,with the lowest prices on the market, depending of the quantities purchased, with discounts of up to 70%.

is a registered company in the United States of America, that has as an objective to commercialize a wide range of products in North, Central and South America, as well as in Asia and Europe.

Within the globalize world in which we develop our self’s, our company seeks the lowest prices of the international world. To accomplish this goal we channel through high quality products, many of them refurbished with original parts, which allows us to offer the highest quality to a much lower price.

But our services do not end there, to facilitate the commercial activities of our clients we have designed and implemented a post-sale logistic which allows our customers to consolidate their purchases in our warehouses, which is the door to the international commerce to Latin America, and from there, sent to customs with proper handling and insurance coverage.

Our staff is in daily contact with over 3000 providers in 14 countries, and our 9 years of experience in the business has proven a wide acceptance from our clients towards new and/or refurbished products at best price in the maket, that have had a major impact in our transactions.

In our web page you will be able to access, in both English and Spanish a complete lists of our products such as audio & video, electronic equipments, computers & accessories, complete gymnastics equipments and automobile parts, but we also provide all necessary appliances for your home.

Contact us!!! In case you require a quote on a new product or necessitate support regarding payments, money transactions, customs regulations o simply estimated arrival times for your products, email us and our staff will answer in the shortest time possible. Of course for your security and to maintain the confidentiality of your transactions you will need to register and obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which will also allow you to track your merchandise.

With products of origin in North and Central America,and Asia, from countries like USA, China, Japan, Mexico and all over the world; with new stocks and inventories of approximately 50 millions of dollars,to meet the needs of our customers both in price and quality.

Stanley Dunn Inc. is a wholesaler subsidiary of Continental Trade Corp.

Address: 4775 N.W. 72nd Ave..- Miami,FL 33166
Phone: (305) 706 1806 - e-mail: